After carefully evaluating emerging market trends and the evolution of consumer preferences in the 1990s, the Bonollo family decided to focus on developing grappas, which are traditional in terms of richness of aroma, but also highly innovative in terms of delicacy and frankness, capable of appealing to and satisfying varying demands of today’s consumers. Full of enthusiasm,  the fourth generation – Luigi, Elvio, Filippo and Giorgio – joined the company, the Bonollo family invested considerably in in research and development of production methodology. the proprietary Sistema Unico Bonollo was created to optimize all phases of production (from the selection of and collection of the pomace to the attainment of the final distillate), packaging, communication and distribution.

The first concrete expression of this commitment was revealed in 1999with the first bottle of Grappa Of Amarone Barrique. With this grappa was revealed a new and innovative type of product, able to win over the largest and most diverse range of consumers and to break the rigid, established rules of the industry. Today, Bonollo is recognized as the market benchmark for quality.

Quarta generazione Famiglia Bonollo tra le botti di invecchiamento