Our Development


From the 50s to the 70s, Umberto developed his business, ably supported by his children Amelia, Giuseppe, Antonio, Dario, Bruno and Amedeo, and capitalising on the growing popularity of grappa. These were the years that saw the founding of the Mestrino distillery – now the headquarters and centre for packaging operations – and the modern Conselve distillation plant. Both are situated in the province of Padua, where the family business which started distilling using steam stills continues to this day.

In 1972, the first Grappa di Friularo was created: our pride and joy and a milestone in our company history, this grappa was originally obtained by distilling single-variety pomace from the most representative of the vines in the Conselve winegrowing region. Over the decade that followed, Distillerie Bonollo Umberto went from strength to strength, becoming a major producer of liqueurs thanks also to the acquisition of two local businesses in this sector (Modin 1842 and Dalla Vecchia 1890).