Assessment and Ageing

The grappa that flows out of the still, after being cooled down to 20 C (68 F), passes through gauges – designated counters of the liters obtained which bear customs seals – and enters right into sealed steel tanks.

Once each parcel is complete, customs officers open these tanks and extract samples of grape spirit for the jurisdictional Laboratorio Intercompartimentale delle Dogane (Interdepartmental Customs Laboratory), which analyzes and certifies the adherence to the strict methanol limits and other legal values required for the product to qualify as grappa.

Once the grape marc spirit has passed these tests, the company determines whether to store it in steel tanks or have it age in wood barrels. It’s possible to access the ageing warehouses only in presence of the customs officer, who manages all entry and removal operations certifying dates and amounts. When he finishes these activities he takes great care to seal shut the warehouses. During maturation, these are unavailable to the company without the presence of the customs officers.