Once the ageing period in wood barrels is complete, or immediately while it is still young, the grappa to be bottled is taken from the warehouses and transported to the Mestrino facility. Here, many operations take place that are key to the definitive characteristics of the product: the grappa is reduced to the desired level of alcohol by volume by adding de-mineralized water followed by potential adding of sugars (max 2%), refrigeration and filtration of the distillate. Now the grappa is ready to enter the modern bottling line, an entirely automated process from the entry of the pallets containing empty bottles to the collection and transport of the pallets loaded with cartons full of the finished product to the warehouses, on their way to market. Special packaging, done by hand, takes place at a designated facility. Strict IFS and BRC international food certifications further guarantee the quality of the company’s production process.

Silouette di bottiglia di Grappa Of Amarone Barrique