Grappa Of Bonollo phenomenon, the spirit that survive fashion trends

From “Il Messaggero”

Grappa is the most traditional Italian spirit. This despite the several past years trends, when very interesting and traditional product categories as rum and whisky – not really cognac, Armagnac and Calvados – alternated ups and downs: they’re great products, but in the Italian market their sales dropped down while grappa is still a bright star in the spirits category. Nowadays the quality of grappa can be touched by hand also than perceived at the nose and the tasting; old style grappas characterized by high alcohol and lack of smoothness and personality are going to be forgotten soon.

Finally grappa is a high-end spirit worth to be offered at the end of an exquisite meal, slowly sipped for fully enjoying it. Grappa is now displaying its real qualities, even if a key point should always be the initial selection of premium pomaces. This thanks to families that through their generations, from grandpas to nephews, have always kept believing in the quality of the product.

THE ‘800

Among them the Bonollo family stands out. The first records of their activity date back to the 19th Century (the first actual evidence of Giuseppe Bonollo’s distillation activity is from 1908). Thanks to Giuseppe the steam stills were first used; at the time they were a real cutting-edge technology. Later in 1951 his son Umberto moved the headquarters of the company to Padua, an area where premium quality pomaces could be provided.


Among the 50s and the 70s the company started his rise as market leader, thanks first to the lead of the third generation (Amelia, Giuseppe, Antonio, Dario and Bruno Amedeo) and later of the fourth generation (Luigi, Elvio, Filippo and Giorgio) that brought a great contribute in improving the level of smoothness and elegance of the products. A key role was played by the Sistema Unico Bonollo (Bonollo Unique production System), meant to optimize the whole production process: from the picking up of the pomaces till the barrel ageing, ending up with the packaging and the communication campaigns.

The awards and success obtained with the distillates never make Bonollo forget about their other spirit categories as liqueurs and amaros. This is proved by their last creation released in the market last September: the new delicious Dorange Of, connected to the Of collection, real company’s top of the line. It’s the outcome of the match between the Grappa Of Amarone Barrique and the Sicilian orange peels. It’s a great balance of the citrusy, sweet, enticing and lingering notes of the macerated citrus fruits and the texture and richness of the grappa distilled out of the Amarone grapes: enchanting, smooth, warm, wide, complex and lingering yet fine and balanced, with an alcoholic level that is never too aggressive. To sip at the end of the meal, ideal when paired with dark chocolate or pastries.