Dorange Of

For the first time, the unique character of Grappa Of Amarone Barrique meets  the delicate sweetness of Sicilian orange peels, resulting in the extraordinary blend of flavors found in this  exceptional liqueur, smooth, authentic and without artificial flavor.

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The best pieces in Of Bonollo collection

Of Amarone Barrique

Of Centennial Reserve

Of Vintage

Brandy Of

Fior d'Of

Amaro Of


The fourth generation of the Bonollo family owns and manages the company upholding the same mission as their ancestors, “…apply innovation for modern times without neglecting the tradition already created through ingenuity and hard work “…

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The Sistema Unico Bonollo (Proprietary Bonollo Production System) is the result of the unique combination of the Bonollo family’s four-generations of distilling experience using cutting-edge technologies in all aspects of production processes…

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The Of Bonollo Collection offers innovative and high-end grape based spirits, representing the top expression of the Bonollo production philosophy to discover the best of authentic Italian tradition and creativity through unique sensory experiences…

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