S.U.B. (Sistema Unico Bonollo)

A production philosophy combining tradition and innovation

Since 1908, when Giuseppe Bonollo began using innovative steam stills, the corporate production philosophy has remained steadfast: to stay ahead of the times by creating the new (technology), without neglecting tradition – the fruit of experience. Over the course of more than a century of hard work and great passion, year by year, the distillation system has consistently improved resulting in a grappa free of imperfections (a frequent inconvenience when distilling the pomace) and distinguished by a marked frankness of taste.

The past few decades have been marked by intense research and the implementation of ambitious and exclusive innovations aimed at enhancing the aromatic potential of the grape spirit. The goal is to obtain distillates of high sensory potential, satisfying the modern consumer’s quest for a unique source of indulgence.. The key factor in realizing this goal is the unique combination of the experience of generations of Bonollo distillers and the use of the best technology available throughout the various stages of production. The family’s proprietary production system, Sistema Unico Bonollo, (S.U.B) was created to handle all aspects of operations. This ranges from the collection and monitoring of stored raw materials to preserve aromatic integrity to the flexible distillation, ageing, packaging and valorization of by-products, all while maintaining the highest respect for the environment.

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