Our roots

The history of our distillery is intertwined with history of the men and women who have passionately dedicated their lives to the art of distillation. While time inevitably brings evolution and change, the Bonollo family has opted to honour these roots and heritage by preserving these invaluable teachings and incorporating them into their contemporary practices.


This year marks the earliest record of distillation practices, attributed to the activities of Giuseppe Bonollo in Fara Vicentino.

1951 – 1964

Umberto Bonollo, one of Giuseppe’s sons, founded his own distillery in Mestrino (Padua), where the company headquarters are still located today. Subsequently, in 1964, he opened a new distillery in Conselve.


Giuseppe, Umberto’s eldest son, had the idea of creating the first Grappa di Friularo by distilling single variety pomace from the vine of the same name.

1978 – 1982

The business acquired the historic Modin and Dalla Vecchia distilleries, strengthening and complementing their production expertise with that of these prestigious centuries-old companies.


The fourth generation joins the family business, providing new impetus for research and development that perfects the Sistema Unico Bonollo: over 170 years of distilling experience combined with the most advanced technology to craft spirits distinguished by their unparalleled quality.


The first bottle of Grappa OF Amarone Barrique is sold, created before barrique-aged grappas existed with the aim of crafting grappa of incomparable quality.


An extended period of dedicated effort yields a special grappa created to express its personality to the full through the art of mixology, and to meet bartenders needs for versatility.


Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome: the company receives an award for being one of the “100 Italian Excellences”, a prestigious accolade bestowed upon the 100 businesses who have distinguished themselves for the quality, creativity and excellence of their Italian-made products.