Fior d’OF


Fior d’OF is the innovative OF Bonollo proposal obtained by gently distilling in the bain-marie still a mix of grapes very rich in aromas among which is the sensory signature of the indigenous varieties Corvina and Rondinella, the grapes of the famous and prized Amarone della Valpolicella wine.

Thus, a spirit with a sincere and delicate character is born, capable of expressing a range of fruity and aromatic sensations that are enriched with vanilla and spicy tones through slow aging in French oak barrels.

Fior d’OF is a new sensory experience, an expression of the production philosophy of OF Bonollo Master Distillers, where each brandy is born from strong roots and the impulse to surpass themselves once again through original and exciting proposals.

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70 cl


40% vol.