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Centennial Reserve Of Amarone Barrique, Imperial Taste, was conceived on the 100th anniversary of the family business as a masterpiece of aromatic intensity, worthy of the Bonollo tradition with its passion and capacity for innovation.

Thus a new, entirely captivating sensory experience was born, designed for the most demanding connoisseurs particularly interested in discovering intense, enthralling sensations. It is made from a selection of the best marc parcel intended for the production of Amarone grappa. Distillation is done in discontinuous stills in accordance with the Sistema Unico Bonollo, with the aim of making a grappa so special it astounds with its strength and aromatic intensity and  its delicateness. Ageing occurs in special French oak casks in which the grappa matures slowly into a very fine reserve.

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Grappa Amarone Riserva Barrique


70 cl


58,8% vol.