The Bonollo family’s proprietary production methodology, Sistema Unico Bonollo (S.U.B.) is developed, thereby creating a company-wide philosophy of sustainability across each and every area of production to minimize waste. This includes the collection and storage of raw materials to preserve aromatic integrity, flexible distillation, aging, and packaging and by-product enhancements. Everything is realized through sustainable practices with the utmost respect for the environment.

Selected With Care

To realize a high-quality grappa, it’s essential to begin with fresh, fragrant pomace. Our experts carefull sift through and select from raw pomace quickly transported to our distillery after the vinification process.

Distilled By Bonollo

Thanks to cumulative production know-how, passed down through generations, the Bonollo family has created a system that elevates flexibility and quality control to obtain spirits with a rich and frank character.

Aged in Wood Barrels

The Bonollo master distillers excel at the craft of aging in cask, an important stage through which the slow maturation in wood elicits the character of the grappa and enhances it with pleasant spicy notes. This is a delicate process requiring experience and wisdom and it is carried out in sealed environs accessible only in the presence of the customs official.

Finished By Hand

Each OF decanter is a unique treasure, created with great care, and polished and sealed in its case by hand after our quality control experts have verified that its packaging reflects our high standards.

Exalting By-products

The Bonollo family has committed to expunging the full value of the pomace after the grappa is produced.
After distillation each by-product is repurposed for functional use.
The grape seeds are used to make the healty, dietary Grapeseed Oil.
The remaining peels are used as a non-fossil fuel, renewable energy source that drives the steam used for distillation.
Biogas is obtained from the liquid residue remaining after distillation and is converted into electricity that supplies more than 80% of the distillery’s energy needs.