Born from the combination of Casa Bonollo’s more than 100 years of experience with the most innovative distillation systems, the Sistema Unico Bonollo (S.U.B.) is a true company philosophy on which all the different stages of the production process are based. This philosophy, which aims to enhance the value of pomace, is reflected in every stage of processing, from harvesting to controlled storage of the raw material, through flexible distillation, aging, packaging, and finally the valorization of by-products with the utmost respect for the environment.

Careful selection

In order to obtain high-quality grappa, it is necessary to start with a pomace that is rich in aromas. Therefore, the fresh pomace just obtained from winemaking is quickly transported to our distillery to be checked and selected by our experts.

Distillation in Bonollo

Thanks to a well-established know-how passed down through generations, the Bonollo family has created a system that makes flexibility and quality control the key elements in obtaining distillates with a rich and frank personality.

Cask rest

Bonollo master distillers boast excellent mastery in the art of barrel aging, an important stage through which slow maturation in wood evolves the character of the grappa and enriches it with pleasant spicy notes. A delicate step that requires great wisdom and is carried out in sealed environments and in the presence of the customs officer.

Hand finishing

Each bottle is a unique piece that is taken care of with great attention during each stage of packaging.
Each individual OF decanter is polished and sealed by hand and enters its case after our experts have verified that it reflects the quality levels of its contents.

Valorization of by-products

S.U.B. does not stop at obtaining the distillate and its packaging, but also embraces all processes of by-product valorization in a concrete circular economy perspective.

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